Mount Bangs
October 7, 2012

Mount Bangs and the northern Virgin Range as seen from the NV-AZ state line near Mesquite, Nevada.

Looking into Elbow Canyon the day before our hike

Sunset over the Mojave

After three hours of hiking in darkness, we arrived to the pass at the headwall of Elbow Canyon. Looking north, Littlefield Reservoir sits in the low pass ahead

Now at Littlefield Reservoir, looking back at the pass whence we came

Mount Bangs from the saddle near Littlefield Reservoir

Hiking closer to it

Getting closer...

Now on the steep rocky sections

Almost there...

Made it!

South view into the Virgin Range

Hiking out, Mount Bangs is the whiter set of rocks partially hidden by foreground peaks

Elbow Canyon seen from a bend in the road up high

Looking back up Elbow Canyon, about halfway down

The best view all day: Scott's car after 19 miles of hiking!

Montage of various summit shots and the benchmark

Panorama from the summit of Bangs Peak. Littlefield Reservoir is to the right,
and the plateaus of the Arizona Strip rise behind.

Elbow Canyon Panorama, just before the walls close in.


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