Big Cienega Mountain, Peak 9559, Saint Peters Dome & Whiting Knoll
June 9, 2019

Big Cienega as seen from state route AZ-260 from the northeast

The summit is ahead as we walk the initial roads

Old ski run!

Some old ski run parts

Walking out, we walk the rez boundary fence line. That's Cow Hill up ahead

The ski run from a little farther out

The summit of Big Cienega as we hike out

View of Peak 9559 from about a mile away

Looking back at Greens Peak

The south slopes

The top

Hiking down, Matthias' car waiting for us

The Dome from where we started the hike

Better view from the southwest

Walking uphill. It's steeper than it looks

We've gained about another 200 feet. Can you tell?

Cool shot of Greens Peak

The flatter summit ridge

The summit cairn and an old tree on its side

Whiting Knoll from the south

Walking up the road

The final steep track

The summit is up ahead

The cairn and a sign on top

Saint Peters Dome as seen on the descent


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