Big Lake, S U, Pat, Rudd & Wahl Knolls
June 13, 2020


Big Lake Knoll, a zoom image from a few miles to the north.

Ponderosa pine and new undergrowth on the hike in.

The knoll in Big Lake Knoll.

The summit shack and Mount Baldy in the distance.

The summit rock.

View on the hike down showing the after-effects of the 2011 Wallow Fire and the new growth sprouting up.

S U Knolls as seen from Big Lake Knoll summit.

S U Knoll South.

On the hike up, I rousted a bunch of deer. I snapped an image and got one.

S U Knoll top.

Crescent Lake and the unnamed knoll that rises behind it.

This image was taken from the top of Big Lake Knoll. It shows Wahl, Rudd and Pat Knolls, from left to right.

Pat Knoll.

Approaching the top.

Top, with benchmark inset.

Hiking down, my car is a glint in the sun, and behind are Rudd and Wahl Knolls.

Look back at Pat Knoll and a happy cloud.

Close up of Rudd Knoll.

Cows. Must be nice to look around and see nothing but food as far as the eye can see, if you're a cow.

Top rocks of Rudd Knoll.

Here's the lower east bump of Rudd Knoll.

Wahl Knoll.

The top of Wahl Knoll comes into view.

The last little bit on the ridge.

Wahl Knoll summit rocks.

Look east at Rudd, and Pat farther back.

View northwest, the direction from whence I came.


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