Ringtail Ridge & Peak 3084
November 4 & 8, 2022


Ringtail Ridge

Partway up Ringtail Ridge, a look at Golden Gate Mountain. The little lump of hills to the left is Peak 3084

Summit rock, Ringtail Ridge

The ridge of Ringtail Ridge, looking at Golden Gate and Bren Mountains. The Yetman Trail comes through the pass between them

A zoom image looking south at Cat Mountain, Little Cat Mountain and Bobcat Ridge. The Santa Rita Mountains rise in back

Descending now, the brushy middle section between the desert flats and the ridge itself

Ringtail Ridge highpoint is the pointy peak to the right on the high skyline

Now ascending Peak 3084, a rare saguaro-solar eclipse

From the top of Peak 3084, the line of peaks I have climbed: Ringtail Ridge, Bobcat Ridge, Little Cat Mountain and Cat Mountain

North view, Wasson Peak

Looking west. Baboquivari is the pointed peak in the distance. The hump peak in the middle is Coyote Mountain

Peak 3084 from where I parked


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